10 Tools You Should Own As A First Time Home Owner

10 Tools You Should Own As A First Time Home Owner

Being a Home Owner is more than just buying a house and then paying a monthly mortgage bill.  There are A LOT more responsibilities that go into maintaining your home than one may think.  That is why preparing is key!  To prepare, I have put together a list of some essential tools I believe are a necessity for anyone looking to own their own home.

Handheld Driver Set 

The first tool on my list of essentials for any new homeowner is going to be a handheld driver set!  This is the foundation of any tool box and will probably be the most useful in the beginning.  Any set will do, just look for something with the ability to change out the bits, and for extra ease of use, try finding one with a ratcheting chuck.  A ratcheting chuck will save you time instead of having to take the bit in and out of the screw head you’re fastening down.  So tool number 1, a handheld driver set.

Screw Gun/Impact Driver 

One of my favorite tools in my tool box is my impact driver, right up there with my screw gun.  A good impact driver or screw gun will be the back bone of your power tool collection and for a very good reason.  These tools are extremely versatile!  I recommend both and I’ve put them both under number 2 because they go together.  There will be instances where your drill won’t be powerful enough and you’ll need the brute force of the impact driver.  There will also be many times where the impact driver will be to powerful and you’ll want the adjustable chuck of your screw gun.  So number 2, get yourself a Screw Gun/ Impact Driver!

Set Of Wrenches 

Item number 3 for your essential home owner tools kit is going to be a good set of wrenches.  Any big box store will sell a combo kit and usually they come with both closed and open ended wrench’s.  These are going to be your go to for fixing any plumbing problems you’ll run into as well as putting all that new home owner furniture together!  These are not that expensive so get a good set, something that won’t rust, and store them all in one place so they won’t go missing.  Number 3, Wrenches!

Set Of Ratchets 

Essential tool number 4 is going to be a good set of ratchets!  This tools will help you in various situations where you’re tightening down bolts with nuts.  The ratchet will give you the torque you’ll need to fighting even the toughest of fasteners.  The ratchet set you choose will either come with a 12 point or standard sockets.  Either are fine, though the 12 point sockets tend to slip or strip out the nut on your bolt if the sizing is not spot on.  Some sets even come with Standard and Metric sizing.  I would also recommend choosing a set that’s impact ready, that way you can pick up an impact adapter and use the sockets with your Impact Driver.  It’s a win win, and I use my sockets with my Driver time and time again.  So tool number 4, get yourself a Ratchet Set.

A Pair (Or Two) Of Pliers 

Tool number 5 on my list of essential tools for every homeowner is definitely a good pair of pliers.  By pair, I mean many, get many pliers!  Needle Nose, The regular kind, The kind made for cutting wire, the locking kind, and also the channel lock kind.  Nothing is worse than having to grab something, or pull something out of your work than to not have a solid pair of pliers on hand.  Look for a variety kit that comes with an assortment of pliers and you’ll be set.  Go for the better quality kit so that they will last and not rust on you. Lots of kits also come with rubberized grips, so opt for those if you have the chance.  That’s tool number 5, get yourself some pliers!

Drill Bits And Screw Gun Bits 

Number 6 on my list actually pairs with number 2 on my list and that’s a good set of drill bits and driver bits.  These you can pick up in multi packs and will have various sizes and bit types.  I recommend a good set of drill bits that cover everything from less than 1/16th all the way up to 1 in.  For the bits, a set that has a few philips, flat head, square (Robertson), and star (torques) bits will do the trick.  Look for a kit that has the extender and the magnetic bit holder as these accessories will come in handy on many of your projects.  As always, it's a good idea to get impact ready driver bits so that they are interchangeable with your impact driver and drill.  So for number 6, get a good set of drill bits and driver bits!

Measuring Tape 

This one’s a biggie!  Number 7 on my list is going to be the measuring tape.  Every tool kit needs a measuring tape!  These come in various sizes, but I find that a good 16’ measuring tape is perfect for everyday projects, all the way up to more extensive construction jobs.  If you think you’ll need a little extra, opt for the 25’ measuring tape so you’ll know you’ll be covered.  Stanley makes a pretty good tape, as well as craftsman.  But any tape from a major brand will do.  I think I’m currently using a Milwaukee one.  So number 7, get a good measuring tape!

2 Foot Level 

A staple for any home owner tool kit is the 2 ft. Level.  This tool will come in handy for projects such as hanging picture frames, leveling an appliance, or even when you need a straight edge for cutting material.  For your level, look for something with a metal edge and a spirit bubble level.  There should be a few level bubbles on the 2 ft. Level you buy so you can get readings on horizontal and vertical surfaces.  Make sure to pick one up, you will definitely need one!  So number 8, get a 2 ft. Level.

Hand Saw 

Number 9 on my list is one that might be negotiable.  A hand saw.  Not everyone will need a hand saw in their tool kit which is why I’m recommending a hand saw instead of a circular saw.  With a hand saw you’ll be able to make small cuts in materials on a basic level as a home owner.  A simple western saw will do, or one of my favorites, the Japanese pull saw can definitely prove to be a valuable purchase for your kit.  The differences between these two types of saws are the way they cut.  The western saw cuts on the push motion, while the Japanese pull saw cuts on the pull motion.  Pull saws are known for their accuracy, so that's why I prefer to use them, but either will be a wise investment for your kit.  So number 9, pick up a hand saw.

Utility Knife 

The last tool on my list would have to be the utility knife.  Every tool kit needs a good utility knife, which is handy in various situations.  Look for one that allows for easy blade changes, and I always prefer the foldable types.  Kobalt makes a great foldable utility knife that fits nice in your pocket or can be worn on a belt with the included pouch.  Which ever utility knife you go for, it should fit comfortably in your hand and should hold the razor tight.  These tools can cause serious injury, so make sure to get a good quality utility knife and exercise caution when using it.  So for number 10, get a utility knife!


So that’s it!  That’s my list for the top 10 recommended tools for any new home owner.  I’ve linked a few tools down below if you need to pick some up for you kit!  Share this list with some new home owners in your life that can use a good kit start to their tool kits!


Screw Driver Set - https://amzn.to/3g8L7dc
Screw Gun/Impact Driver - https://amzn.to/3irPem7
Wrench Set - https://amzn.to/3iy8L4f
Set Of Ratchets - https://amzn.to/2TbwOLJ
Plier Set - https://amzn.to/3ctdVL7
Drill Bit Set - https://amzn.to/3xdxb7p
Driver Bit Set - https://amzn.to/3g8QKIm
Measuring Tape - https://amzn.to/353B42M
2ft Level - https://amzn.to/3pz5aVc
Western Hand Saw - https://amzn.to/3iqNmtF
Japanese Pull Saw - https://amzn.to/3g4Sbap
Utility Knife - https://amzn.to/3x52l0D

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  The use of affiliate links helps support the webpage and blog, allowing us to provide quality content to our readers.  The above list of tools are suggestions and are not a complete list of tools you may need as a homeowner.  As always, use tools with caution and at your own risk.  Rarestonecraftsman.com is not responsible for any accidents or injuries with the use of any suggested tools or advice given herein.

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