Be The Craftsman Of Your Life

“Be the Craftsman of your life”…

My friend asked me what Rare Stone was all about, what the brands identity was.  I didn’t know how to respond but I told him what I was building this brand for.  It was for people that make things, people that work towards their goals, and people that craft in the general sense of the word.  He quickly came back with “Homegrown and Hardworking” and I was like, YES!!! That’s it!  So I adopted the idea of being a brand focused around homegrown and hardworking people.

From there I got the idea that we are all craftsman, each and everyone of us, whether building actual buildings, or diy projects, or even personal development.  We’re all craftsman building something, which is where being a craftsman of your life comes from.

It’s hard work, building a brand, it’s even harder getting the exposure to grow that brand.  It’s all part of the process, so with that I say to you, Be the Craftsman of your life!

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