Candle Making (Why I chose to start making candles)

Candle making

     I never thought I would get into making candles and it's actually an odd story on how I got into the art.  January 2022 I was let go from a job I worked at for the past 8 years.  In case anyone is wondering, I worked as a concrete estimator, where I calculated cubic yardages and rebar for New York City Skyscrapers.  Fun job, but as you can see it had run its course.  I found out over my Christmas vacation, returning that Monday Morning after New Years to clear out my desk.  In the wake of being let go I started to think of new things I could try out.  How I stumbled upon candle making is still a mystery to me.  it was actually a spur of the moment thought one morning and I decided to run with it!


     Waxy scented fire breathers.  Interesting how the mechanics of a candle actually works, but even more interesting is how they're made.  My first candle making exercise is one facilitated by the awesome folks at Candle Science.  They had a special on a candle making kit that comes with all of the necessities to get you started.  I put in an order and waited for the kit to arrive, basically like a kid on Christmas waiting for Santa to come.  I never quite grew up as you can see, and I like it that way.  it's no fun adulting all the time so to be able to tap into my childhood even in my early 30's is a gift on its own.

Inside the kit 

     Once the kit came, I opened it to find a bunch of cool tools and equipment.  The tools included a double boiler/pouring pot, a candy thermometer, a few bags of soy wax flakes, wicks, stickers, jars, and of course instructions.  I'm not one to read instructions but I thought maybe my first attempt at scent sorcery should be one that was guided to an extent.

My first candles

     My first candles came out pretty awesome!  I had  a few scents that came in the kit such as the Very Vanilla, Grapefruit and Mangosteen, and Lavender.  The very vanilla was my favorite from the bunch.  The kit came with these nice 8oz aluminum can style containers.  They came with lids which was nice, and a great place to stick my Rare Stone Craftsman stickers.  They give a very crafty vibe and fit in well with my personal branding.  The candles themselves took a few hours to make.  Roughly an hour for every three candles between the melting, mixing, and pouring phases.  The hardest part about the process is the waiting for them to cure so you can light them!  But it's worth the wait. 

What I learned

     I learned a lot about making candles.  I'm still fairly new to the candle making game, but I learned that there is an infinite amount of ways to mix and match scents as well as containers or jars you can use.  If you think about it, almost anything can be made into a candle, of course its important to make sure your vessel/container isn't going to go up in flames, so maybe paper cups aren't a good candle vessel.  I also learned that there is a science to the fragrance throwing, both hot and cold, when it comes to mixing the wax and scents.  There are proper temperatures for both mixing and pouring, as well as proper ratios for different waxes in relation to scent oils.  I honestly felt like the guy from Breaking Bad while mixing up my candles in my kitchen!  

Final Thoughts

     In conclusion of this run on story about making candles, the moral of my rambling is that if you have an idea run with it.  I never thought I'd become a candle maker.  An idea during a low, or maybe I should rephrase that, during a high point in my life, turned into something I really enjoy.  Even if I never sell another candle in my lifetime the joy of making them is something I will continue to enjoy doing for years to come.  So with that said, pour a glass of your favorite beverage, light up a Rare Stone Craftsman Candle, and Cheers!!

~Jay (The Rare Stone Craftsman)


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