The Craftsman

Rare Stone Craftsman - Rare Stone Supply Co was founded in 2020 by Jay Henne.  As graphic design student at Briarcliffe college, Jay fell in love with the idea of creating an iconic brand during one of many class design exercises.  

Rare Stone Craftsman - Rare Stone Supply Co believes in a Homegrown & Hard Working mentality.  As a craftsman himself, Jay has always taken pride in making things by hand, building instead of buying, and teaching the skills he has acquired to those eager to learn them.  He believes we live in an age of immediate satisfaction, one of two day shipping, and the "I want it, I want it now" mentality.  Not only does this mentality diminish quality in the goods we buy, but it also puts a halt to the transfer of knowledge and skill from generation to generation.  Rare Stone Craftsman - Rare Stone Stone Supply Co is counter cultural to this philosophy and holds true to the genuine craftsmanship that once was.
For inspirational stories, project write ups, and other light reading, Rare Stone Stories is a great place to sit back and enjoy some great content on craftsmanship, tools, and projects.   

Together we can preserve the human heritage of being Homegrown & Hard Working!